Brussels, 11 December 2018

European Liver Patients' Association has held the extraordinary general meeting on 25 November 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Out of 37 member associations, 26 sent their representatives to participate in the meeting, while 10 organizations provided their power of attorneys.  The 13 hour long meeting was organised in order to discuss requests from several ELPA members, mainly regarding the finances and transparency. For the sake of discussion ELPA Office was temporary transferred to Ljubljana, where all the ELPA financial documents from 2007 to 2017 were brought to ELPA members. This was greeted by many members and rated as the highest level of transparency in carrying out the work at the international level. 

The meeting was also a great opportunity for the members to get an overview not only about ELPA’s past but also of the plans for future, given that the candidates for the President, at the elections held as a part of the EGM, presented themselves and their vision of ELPA in the years to come. A vivid discussion among patients’ groups’ representatives showed once again that the liver patients’ movement has come a long way, but that there is still some room for improvement. That is why ELPA members greeted the ongoing process of revising all ELPA governing documents and rebuilding them.

At the very end of the meeting ELPA members elected new President and Governing Board to lead the organizations in the next four years. Read here more about ELPA 2018 elections.

The EGM was put back to back with ELPA’s annual meetings – Stakeholders’ ad Advisory Board meetings, attended by our members and stakeholders.

Next General assembly is scheduled for April when the members will, among other things, vote on the changes in ELPA governing documents.